My name is Isla Burman and I am 14 years old. My whole life I have been severely allergic to Tree Nuts and Shellfish. Since my allergies are so severe they have greatly impacted my daily lifestyle. I am airborne to Shellfish so even eating out at restaurants is risky for me. My allergies have always made my family and I very nervous, I think anyone with a food allergy can understand that feeling.

I carry two EpiPens and a pack of Zyrtec everywhere I go. When I was little my parents were afraid to send me to Birthday parties, Playdates, camp, etc. because the thought of me going into anaphylactic shock if something were to be contaminated was so frightening, especially because it happened twice. (That’s how I found out I had allergies in the first place.)

However, as I got older my parents and I took every event as a learning experience and after a while we realized that as long as I carried my medication and informed whoever I am with about my allergies I would be safe for the most part. As scary and severe as Food Allergies are, I think it is important to understand your allergies and not let the fear control your life. I also think more people should be aware of the severity and Food Allergies. That is why I think Safeeats’ mission is so appreciable in raising awareness.